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Hospital Healthcare 11th February 2009

'Patients receiving homeopathic treatment reported an average 54% improvement in their health and wellbeing' Read

Gazette 26th August 2008

'When several visits to the doctor fail to deal with a niggling problem many patients are turning to homeopathy' Read

Daily Mail 2nd August 2008 

'The alternative Holby City that treats 30,000 patients a year' Read

Pulsetoday 2nd May 2008 'Homeopathy 'as effective' as standard care in eczema'

'physician scores for eczema signs and symptom scores were significantly improved in the homeopathically treated group' Read

Daily Mail 27th November 2007

'The case for and against homeopathy' Read

The Guardian 13th November 2007

Jeanette Winterson: 'In defence of homeopathy' Read

Psychology Today

'The strange case of Homeopathy' (A case of autism) Read

Manchester Evening News 15th October 2007

'Am I allergic to sleep?' Read

Galway First 23rd September 2007

Homeopathy - a help during pregnancy Read

Daily Express 3rd July 2007

Annabel Croft: 'A natural winner' Read

NHS Homeopathy National Knowledge Week 11th-15th June 2007

'A comprehensive collection of up-to-date information that has been subject to rigorous selection criteria'  Read 

Edinburgh Evening News 31st May 2007

'Holistic help for tiny tots'. Read

The Body Guide 30th May 2007

'Are you Homeopathically aware?' Read 

Daily Mail 22nd May 2007

Julie Graham: 'Eczema, asthma, whiplash. I've used alternative remedies to cure them all'.  Read

The Times 6th May 2006

'A tiny remedy had a huge effect on one migraine sufferer'. Read

The Star 5th May 2006

'Is it a better alternative?' Read